Madrid City-Tour tickets

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Tickets for the Madrid City Tour 

Do you want to enjoy the most beautiful places in Madrid?

Buy tickets for the "Madrid City Tour". With our bus you can travel around the capital of Spain, and see all the most emblematic places of the city.

Madrid is one of the most important and beautiful capitals in Europe, and its tourist interest is at the highest level.

That's why we want you to enjoy your trip to Madrid at 100%.

In addition, you can do it without limit of hours and many times you want, thanks to our service "Hop-on Hop-off" that we will explain below.

What is the Madrid City Tour? 

The Madrid City Tour is a sequence of buses that travel by the capital of Spain.

The tour is well designed, so you can see all of the most important places of Madrid.

The bus consists of two floors, the second is without roof.

To move from floor to floor, the bus have 2 stairs: the front is to climb, and the back to go down. It can be used when the bus is parked (for the safety of passangers).

Services of the Madrid City Tour 

In our Bus you have free Wi-Fi, so you can connect and stay in line with your contacts.

We also offer you an audioguide in 14 different languages, so you can inform yourself while visiting the most famous places of Madrid.

And, of course, as it could not be otherwise, our bus is adapted for people with reduced mobility.

Madrid City Tour. Hop On-Hop Off Service 

With our Hop On-Hop Off service, you'll be able to have the freedom to hop on and off the bus as many times as you want. It will help you to visit the city at your own pace.

Tickets are for one or two days, depending on your choice. Therefore, during that period of time you will be able to use without limits our "Madrid City Tour" bus.

Tickets and prices of Madrid City Tour 

In spite of the complete service offered to the tourists, the price of the tourist bus of Madrid is very economic.

The tickets of Madrid City Tour are cheap, so they are affordable for everyone.

Below we leave you the different offers to buy the Madrid City Tour tickets





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MADRID CITY TOUR Hop-On Hop-Off 1 day 21€

Ruta 1 Madrid Hstorico + Ruta 2 Madrid Historico + Madrid Nocturno

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El ticket de un dia, puede hacer la ruta 1 y la ruta 2 y Madrid nocturno, puede parar cuando quiera, visitar y vlver a subir al siguiente bus...

From 10,00€

MADRID CITY TOUR Hop-On Hop-Off 2 days 25€

Route 1 Historical Madrid + Route 2 Modern Madrid + Night Route Madrid

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El ticket de dos dias seguidos, puede hacer la ruta 1 y la ruta 2 y Madrid nocturno, puede parar cuando quiera, visitar y vlver a subir al siguiente bus...

From 13,00€

Opinions (19)

Jhon Van 08/06/2018

The best option to discover Madrid,

(Argentina) 08/06/2018

Muy cómodo!

(Colombia) 08/06/2018

Fue muy oportuno haber comprado las entradas con antelación

(Argentina) 08/06/2018


(Colombia) 08/06/2018

Vimos todo Madrid, muy fácil!

Dolores (Spain) 08/06/2018

Bonito recorrido

(Chile) 08/06/2018

Muy buen servicio

(Costa Rica) 08/06/2018

Vimos todo Madrid sin cansarnosl!!

(Spain) 08/06/2018

todo correcto

(Ecuador) 08/06/2018

muy cómodo, excelente

(Spain) 08/06/2018

Aunque el tiempo no acompañe, paseamos por toda la ciudad, a cubierto, y no nos perdimos nada! a mi me ha gustado!

(Chile) 08/06/2018

Buen servicio, vimos Madrid que es hermosa

(Spain) 08/06/2018

Buen servicio, vimos todo madrid

(Spain) 08/06/2018

Los itinerarios son super completos! perfecto todo

(Spain) 08/06/2018

Muy recomendable! sin problemas, flexible, perfecto

(Spain) 08/06/2018

Todo bien, Madrid es maravillosa

(Spain) 08/06/2018

Las rutas son muy completas y da tiempo de sobra de admirar una zona antes de subir al bus para la próxima parada. Nos ha gustado mucho, la verdad

(Argentina) 08/06/2018

Todo bien gracias!

(Argentina) 08/06/2018

Buena forma de ver la ciudad, muy cómoda además

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